All actions – indicator of progress

The easiest way to follow the progress of the project is to read the action plan in the end of the minutes from the PMG meetings.

The below list of actions is taken from the revised Part C and the application.

1. Project management

Indicator of progress:

Appointment of project manager 01/09/2011
Appointment of Communications Officer 01/09/2011
First meeting of the project management group 01/10/2011
Initial Report 30/11/2011
A detailed plan for the implementation phase 01/12/2011
Inception Report 01/04/2012
Progress Report – not required by EC 01/08/2012
Progress Report no 1 01/02/2013
Mid-term Report with payment request 30/09/2014
Progress Report no 2 28/02/2016
Final Report with payment request 30/09/2017

2. Websites and media work

Indicator of progress:

Continuous information about activities. Media activities will be presented on the website.

Project Web site launched 01/10/2011

First Press-release in every country 01/11/2011

3. Notice boards and the dissemination of project information

Indicator of progress:

Notice boards set-up 01/11/2011, 31/03/2013, 31/12/2013, 31/12/2014, 31/12/2014
Number of launched notice boards 4
Attended conferences with participation in exhibition or as a speaker. 4
Material ready to action 7 01/03/2012
Material ready to action 22 01/07/2015

4. Project meetings for the Project Management Group

Indicator of progress:

Project notes
Short time and detailed action plan in the minutes from each meeting.
Verification that the detailed actions from previous meeting/meetings has succeeded.
Verification versus the timetable of the project that the time schedule is held.


5. Monitoring the project’s progress

Indicator of progress:

Monitoring protocol 01/12/2011
Updating of monitoring protocol. Every 3 months
Reporting by all beneficiaries for each report

6. Organisation of First seminar action7

Indicator of progress:

50 registrations for the seminar

7. First Seminar

Indicator of progress:

Awareness and increased interest for the project

First seminar before 01/03/2012

Percent of targeted number of participants

Percent of targeted number of Newsletter recipients

8. Networking with other projects

Indicator of progress:

Progress will be indicated by how many projects are involved in this cooperation and how many modes for cooperation are included with each partner.

Percent of listed number of project cooperations %

Number of modes for cooperation used for project

9. Audit

Indicator of progress:

Audit result 30/06/2017

10. Increase Demand

Indicator of progress:

The number of organisations that sign the petition

Total number of blood transfusions they do per year

11. Production of brochures, reports, posters,invitations etc

Indicator of progress:

Number of information products

Number of events at which information products are presented

Notice boards set-uo 01/11/2011, 31/03/2013, 31/12/2013, 31/12/2014

Material ready for action 7 01/03/2012

Material ready for action 22 01/07/2016

Final report delivered 30/09/2017

12. Production of compounds for films and tubes used in blood bags

Indicator of progress:

13. Production of film for the blood bags

Indicator of progress:

14. Production of tubes to be used in blood bags

Indicator of progress:

15. Production of a PVC-free blood bag

Indicator of progress:

 Test results
A price estimate for the sets
Definition of bag design
First bag delivered for evaluation 31/03/2014
First set delivered for evaluation 31/08/2015


16. Evaluation and monitoring of blood bags

Indicator of progress:

Final evaluation of prototype performed  31/03/2016


17. User test including economic feasibility study of PVC-free blood bags

Indicator of progress:

The step-by-step progress as described
The presentation of the result to the European user group 01/04/2014, 01/04/2015
Presentations of results at project meetings 31/06/2013, 31/12/2013, 01/10/2014
A non-PVC blood bag tested and approved according to the Requirements Specification 30/03/2016
18. After-LIFE communication plan
Indicator of progress:
Desk study. Discussions at project meetings, review by European purchasers, draft after-LIFE communication plan, discussions at concluding workshops and final after-LIFE communication plan.


19. Final layman’s report

Indicator of progress:
Distrubution of Layman’s report 01/06/2017

20. Technical publication based on the evaluation results of blood bags

Indicator of progress:
Report accepted by a relevant journal 01/01/2017

21. Organisation of Concluding Workshops action 22

Indicator of progress:
Initiation of organisation for final workshops 01/03/2015

22. Concluding Workshops

Indicator of progress:
Number of attending people, as well as countries they represent
Final Workshops  01/05/2017

23. Final project report

Indicator of progress:
Final project report  30/09/2017 © 2015