Why PVC-free?

Blood bags that are 30–40 percent DEHP are used in healthcare throughout the world. DEHP is classified as a reproductive toxin and is forbidden in toys. The latest directive regarding medical devices emphasizes the importance of labelling devices containing DEHP and evaluating the risks of using DEHP in devices for sensitive patient groups. Demanding a PVC-free bag means avoiding risks with other plasticizers as well as global environmental problems with PVC.


  • DEHP, Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate is classified as a reproductive toxic.
  • Its risks are emphasized in the directive for medical devices
  • PVC needs plasticizer to become soft
  • Demanding PVC-free means avoiding risks with new plasticizers. Precaution – you are not able to predict the consequences of new plasticizers
  • PVC-policies within several health care organizations
  • Waste and production problems – Globally
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