Speaker from Life+ project EDESIA to Östersund

We are happy to present

Stefano Lorenzetti as a speaker at our seminar in Östersund the 27-28th of September

Stefano is the project manager of the Life+ project EDESIA.








A project that share our objectives to phase out EDC’s. He will speak about

Searching for plasticizers’ alternatives by animal-free screening in the LIFE-EDESIA project

It will give you an introduction about the current internationally agreed definition of EDC, EAS and adverse effect for endocrine disruption along with the mechanism-based screening methods developed or under development within the context of the AOP framework.

Secondly, the LIFE-EDESIA effect-based approach based on an integrated in silico-in vitro tiered screening using consecutively a panel of computational methods and a panel of clinically-relevant, cell specific, endocrine-dependent biomarkers of effects will be discussed within the frame of the regulatory demand for testing methods alternative to animal experimentation.

Stefano is working at ISS – Istituto Superiore di Sanità at the Dpt. of Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health in Rome.

Stefano Lorenzetti has been nominated by the Italian Ministery of Health, REACH Competent Authority, as Italian expert for Endocrine Disruptors at ECHA




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