We will be at CleanMed in Copenhagen 20 Oct

How good is the new blood bag?
Promising result in more depth from the Life+ project PVCfreeBloodBag.
In this 90 minutes session B5, you will find out about the PVC-free blood bags ability to store red blood cells, the bags impact on the environment as well as future scenarios. The speakers are
Stephan Meinke, who performed the in-vitro study at Karolinska University Hospital, Alice Ravizza, who is a representative of R&D in Haemotronic SpA.
Marcus Wendin, MSc Environmental Science, LCA Expert at Miljögiraff AB and the project manager Lena Stig.
In the afternoon plenary you will have the opportunity to listen to Petter Höglund speaking about Safer blood for the future and Jesper Laursen speaking about Safer plastics for the future.
Petter Höglund, MD and PhD, works at Karolinska University hospital as a Professor of Basal Immunology, especially clinically applied Cell Therapy and Transplantation at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge. He shares his time between research and clinical work, specialising in clinical immunology and transfusion medicine. Within this project, together with Hans Gulliksson, he is responsible for the in vitro evaluation and his group have performed the in vitro studies of the blood bags.
Jesper Laursen is the Business Director and co-owner of Melitek. Melitek represents the first step in the supply chain and has more than 25 years’ experience developing and supplying polymer solutions for PVC replacement in healthcare applications.
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